It takes a village, and I am so thankful for mine! Due to this being a "portfolio" style site to showcase my work, I thought it would be important to share a little more about some of the people I have collaborated with- from photography, to music, to events, these people are the best of the best. Check them out! 


Jill DeVries

Jill DeVries is a wedding and destination/travel photographer who has been featured in countless blogs and bridal magazines. She is fascinated by humans and endlessly inspired by relationships. Her images show more than just an event or setting- they invoke feeling, and her focus is to convey genuine interactions, see things that others don't catch. My favorite thing about Jill is not only her friendship and courageousness, but her ability to work 30 Rock or Beyonce into most conversations. 


Adrian Butler

Adrian Butler is a Grand Rapids based DJ, designer, and musician. His DJ sets are a cool mix of timeless classics, underground bangers, and everyone’s favorite songs. His latest endeavor, Above & Below Clothing (AB), represents another way to be creative AND give the people what they want: a minimalist, adaptable wardrobe piece that can be incorporated into anyone’s personal style. My favorite thing about AB is his hearty, deep, and warm laugh- seriously iconic. 


Leigh Ann Cobb

Leigh Ann Cobb is a Grand Rapids based photographer and Pure Michigan enthusiast. She can capture fun/intimate moments so beautifully while also creating inspiring commercial and editorial work. My favorite thing about Leigh Ann is her professionalism and attention to detail. Women in particular would be lucky to work with her as she understands the shape of a woman's body and how to get the perfect shot. She is so committed and excited about her work that she has been known to talk about it in her sleep. 


Alyssa McElheny

Alyssa McElheny is a wedding and portrait photographer. She also owns Lamb Bride, a bohemian bridal salon in Grand Rapids, MI. She has an effortless sense of style and puts 100% of herself into the work she creates. Outside of her professional life, Alyssa coaches cross country/track and is constantly traveling. In addition to her talent, I love her smile and genuine approachability. 


James Lacroix

James Lacroix is a creative portrait and commercial photographer. He has exhibited at the 100/50/01 VSCO show and has received recognition as “Best Mobile Photographer” and “Best of College Photo.” He has had work featured across the world, and he was awarded a solo exhibition by Grand Rapid's Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts. I love working with James because he is extremely gifted, yet humble and a pleasure to work with. A great talent usually comes with a great ego, but not here! 


Mani Aghababian

Mani Aghababian is an award-winning Aveda certified master colorist, hairstylist, and makeup artist. She is based out of Fusion Salon, an Aveda Concept Salon, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has an effortless sense of class and style. Mani pays attention to both the overall vision AND the small details. I love her balance of ease and professionalism- a genunie pleasure to work with. 


Katie Nguyen Huber

Katie Nguyen Huber owns Kenley Event Design based in Grand Rapids, MI. She grew up in a family that was always looking for an excuse to celebrate- reasons like "because we're family" or "well, it's Saturday" were always enough. Now she finds her own excuses to bring people together, and she is amazing at it. Katie is one of my biggest girl crushes, not only because of her inner and outer beauty, but because of her hard work and incredible talent at bringing her visions to life. She also loves her dog as much as I love Harper.