Photos by Leigh Ann Cobb Photography.

Hello, I'm Kelley Hughes! 

I am a young professional (is 30 still young!?) living and working in Grand Rapids, MI. Originally from Detroit, I moved to Grand Rapids for college and graduate school and haven't left in the last 11 years. I live here with my dog, Harper, who is my favorite "person" in the whole world. I love Disney World, glass bottle cokes, relaxing in my gym's hot tub, vintage Louis Vuitton, playing bingo, and margaritas/pizza (but maybe not at the same time). This is starting to sounds like a dating profile, so I digress..

I am a firm believer that an environment's aesthetic can enrich your life- enjoying a beautiful experience, surrounding yourself with things you love, or creating a mood that is inheritantly "you". This is why I can't commit to just one avenue- aesthetics are a part of EVERYTHING, and my niche is to create the right aesthetic for you- via interior design, styling, merchandising, event coordination, or creative directing. 

I am committed to personal and professional development, and my favorite tool is the StrengthsFinder Assessment. My top strengths are Achiever, Activator, Maximizer, Communication, and Learner. In short, that means I am Type A. More specifically for you, though, it means I will listen to your needs/wants and will be able to reach our goals in the most efficient way and with my whole heart. You have my promise that our work will not only be good, but the best.  

My work has been has been featured in a number of local and national blogs and print magazines (Design Sponge, A Beautiful Mess, Hush Puppies, Driftless Magazine, Grand Rapids Women’s Magazine, Grand Rapids Magazine).  

Kelley Hughes

Owner & Creative Director